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SamsaraMOO is a post-apocalyptic role-playing moo. It is set after a nuclear apocalypse has warped and changed the world forever, leaving only pockets of humanity behind. Life is hard and cruel, with the people that remain in the bomb-blasted wasteland being slow to trust and quick to violence. What cities remain are ruled by corporations, some pre-dating the bombs, that exploit the populations they claim to protect while the wastes outside are patrolled by raiders and mutated beasts. Those who attempt to tame the irradiated and dangerous lands often find themselves at the mercy of strange horrors, manmade or otherwise.

Samsara is an unforgiving and bizarre place and its inhabitants are no different. The apocalypse has not stunted humanity's ability to adapt and the forms your fellow survivors may take are just as varied as their skills and desires. It is up to you to decide how you navigate the twisted hellscape, the allies you make and the skills you use to survive.

Choose wisely however, for the world is uncaring and will not pity you for your misfortune or poor decisions.

Warning: SamsaraMOO contains mature themes and material that may be considered offensive or disturbing. You must be 18+ in order to connect to and play SamsaraMOO.

Due to the changing nature of the MOO, information may not always be accurate. Check change logs in game and reach out to other players to confirm.


New Player and Connecting

Quickstart Guide - How to get connected and jump into the game

Character Creation - How to pick skills and starting stats

Guides and Useful Info

Maps and Areas - Maps of areas

Combat - How the combat system works and what in combat commands do

Weaponry - The list of Weapons

Armor - The list of Armor

Mutations - The list of Mutations

Stats - The list of Stats

Skills - The list of Skills

Implants - The list of Implants

Drugs - The list of Drugs

Mentals - The list of Mental Illnesses

Buffs & Debuffs - The statuses that affect your character

Jobs - The list of repeatable in-game quests

Journal - The list of one-off in-game quests

Trophies - A list of unique collectible items

Guides - A place for players to create their own guides

Blueprints - How to create custom areas to commission from admins.


FanArt - Art made for SamsaraMOO

*Id / *Gr Templates - How to submit reports to the in-game mailing lists and useful templates

Users - Contributors on the SamsaraMOO Wiki

Wiki Page Templates - Templates for the creation of Samsara Wiki articles

How to Contribute

Editing is only available for authorized accounts. In order to get an account for editing, send a mail or page to PrismaLei on SamsaraMOO. You will need to provide a username and email. The system will email you a randomized password which you must reset. DO NOT use the same password you use on SamsaraMOO or other places.